24 hour sales machine



Hey, do you know that according to www.internetworldstats.com that 7 billion, yes, that’s 7,519,028,970 people to be precise, have access to the internet and use it (June 2017)? Now that is an incredible large amount of people, with a huge amount of spending power to invite to walk past your storefront to show your products to.

There’s no doubt that this fact is a compelling reason to put your business online (if you haven’t done so already) and enjoy its ability to be a 24-hour sales engine.

Not to mention that the internet has been identified as having helped many businesses survive and prosper whilst other bricks and mortar businesses have been suffering or going under with economic difficulties.

Can you sell your products online?

In some cases, it might be that you cannot or choose not to sell your product online.

For example, if you are a business that imports goods or another service based business, it would not make a lot of sense to sell your products online. However, it could still be in your best interest to have an online presence so that you can promote your service. Having a website can give your business more credibility with your prospects and customers.

One way that you could even sell products as an importer is by promoting the products that you can import. Or you may even be able to sell digital products such as a document that details all import duties and provides an easy way to calculate what would be paid for different goods or advertising space.

It’s all about making the best of your website, which can be a very powerful sales engine.

Let’s look at how to develop your website so that it really can sell for you:

  1. Keep things simple. You don’t need all the latest in terms of flashing images and fancy graphics. In fact, these can even prove to be a distraction to visitors to your website. A website that has an easy to read, easy to navigate and has clean lines will have a far better conversion rate than one with all the bells and whistles. What they want to know is that you have the answers and the solutions to their problems. By providing them with outstanding information, you can achieve this.We recommend avoiding music, fancy graphics and flashing images. Although a few graphics that are thought out may add something to your website, too much and your visitors will become confused.
  2. Provide great content. The best content offers solutions and solves problems. First and foremost, people are looking for information when they search on the internet. If your website has good solid info, then you’re likely to be visited again and to also have your opinion trusted on product recommendations. Great content is also more likely to get shared, identified and promoted by the search engines and you’ve got a better chance at coming out on top for your keyword phrases.
  3. Build a connection. Even if you have the best website, your visitors are unlikely to buy from you on the first visit. As with any internet based relationship, it can take time to build trust and confidence. Therefore, it’s important to connect with your visitors, ideally by collecting their name and email address. You will then be able to communicate with them on a regular basis which will encourage and enable them to return to your website.Your opt-in box should be in a prominent position, and so should your social media icons. If you add an incentive such as a free report, your opt-in box will work better than without.

Focus on putting your visitors first and give them something that they can navigate easily. Keep it clean and add great content that provides them with solutions to their problems. Finally, make it easy for them to give you their contact details so that you can help them more in the future.

Focus on these three fundamentals and before you know it, you’ll have a powerful 24-hour sales engine working for you.