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Web design is all about the user experience. It’s the one big thing will set you apart from the competition and ensure that potential customers engage and buy your product, book a place at your hotel or decide to hire your services.

One great way to make that user experience more exciting is to add 360 content to your web design. The good news is that web design and virtual tours is something Panorama Marketing knows a lot about.

Here’s our quick guide.

How Do Virtual Tours Work?

The best way to illustrate this is to show you an example which we worked on recently. Have a look at this virtual tour integrated into the new website design created for the luxury resort at Byron Bay.

Take the tour here.

We worked on integrating the virtual tours into the web design for Byron Bay’s beachfront resort using cutting edge 360 content. Our aim was to develop content for the site that allows the customer to immerse themselves in the content rather than being a passive bystander. It gives them the opportunity to imagine they are standing right there by the poolside, in a luxury guest room or at the spa.

Virtual tours are uniquely capable of keeping an audience engaged for longer. Visitors are transported into the heart of your business and that increases the likelihood they will follow your call to action and become a customer. In the case of the Element’s of Byron Bay website, of course, that would mean booking a stay. For your business, it will be different. Perhaps, the key is to get your customer to phone or drop you an email or simply to encourage them to buy a particular product.

The key thing about virtual tours and VR is that they work for a wide range of businesses, including e-commerce. Yes, they work spectacularly well for hospitality industries such as hotels, spas, resorts, bars and restaurants.

They’re also brilliant for other types of business too. How about giving customers a tour of your office? Maybe you have a car showroom and want to highlight the new models you have on sale.

5 Things Virtual Tours Do

  1. They bring your business to life and connect with customers in a way that traditional written content doesn’t.
  2. They give you a head start over the competition by engaging your customers at a deeper level.
  3. They explain exactly why people should use your business or hire your services with just the right level of visual and contextual information.
  4. People love to play with new technology and 360 content is a simple and dynamic way to get customers interacting with your site.
  5. Combined with great web design, virtual tours quickly help you develop a rapport with customers that means they are more likely to book, hire or buy from you rather than the competition.

Why Choose Panorama Marketing for Your 360 Content?

A great virtual tour lets you imagine yourself standing right in the middle of a business. Without providing too much written content, it helps highlight what you get and what you can expect. The connection is certainly a lot more emotional than traditional written content or static video images.

As with the Element’s of Byron website design, there’s plenty of scope to add interactive content – hotspots you can click on to get more information or a closer look at certain facilities. At Panorama Marketing, we understand that your web design and your 360 content need to complement each other, delivering an engaging and entertaining experience for your potential customer.

Our process is pretty simple really. We get to know your business and explore ways to bring it to life for your customers or clients. Our team understands how to create the wow factor your audience is looking for and they certainly have the talent to deliver.

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