VR | The New Platform

virtual reality

New technologies come and go. Anyone of a certain age will remember the first desktop computers when they came out in the 1990s. Step forward a couple of decades and we now have massive computing power in the form of smartphones. Over the next few years, these too may start to become old-school.

Many experts believe that virtual reality or VR is the next huge new platform that will transform our lives. While most of the concentration up till now has been on entertainment and video games, the potential for VR technology goes way beyond this.

For instance, virtual reality could possibly transform the way we learn. Imagine, for instance, sitting in a lecture without even moving out of your own home or learning practical skills that will enhance your future career. The possibilities, if not endless, are far-reaching and tremendously exciting.

VR: The Immersive Consumer Experience

The biggest advance to date in VR is the immersive experience of being able to look around and explore a new environment. VR essentially puts you in the middle of a situation and allows you to experience it as if you were actually there.

It’s not just the visuals that count here. Your audience can do things that change the environment such as click on links or move from one location to another. VR allows us to create experiences that are both dynamic and unpredictable.

Don’t forget, we’re only at the beginning stage of this amazing new technology. There’s a lot, lot more to come. You will be able to, for example, routinely communicate live with other people. Imagine having a meeting or conference without having to travel to the venue. We might even be able to add more senses to the experience and make it really lifelike.

There is so much more to come and that’s why this is one of the most exciting areas of tech development we’ve seen in recent years.

Your Business and VR

Business are already starting to explore the possibilities when it comes to virtual reality. The healthcare industry has invested a lot in finding ways to provide medical treatments. It could have massive implications for dealing with mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression by providing counselling. Recent research has shown that it might also be effective in reducing phobias such as a fear of heights.

Work has been done with drug addicts using VR to help them control the impact of triggers for their addiction and learn various coping skills. Users put on a headset and safely navigate the hurdles that often lead them to start taking drugs again.

Others are exploring how VR can be used for training purposes. This is particularly useful in professions where making one mistake can have major consequences. That includes working as an airline pilot, a surgeon or nurse. But it could also be used for many other professions to help improve standards and provide cheap and accessible training.

All these current efforts show the potential for using virtual reality in the world of business, not least how it can be used for marketing. Let’s say you run a hotel and spa and want to attract more customers. All they need to do is put on the VR headset and take a tour of your premises and see what you have to offer.

How about transforming your e-commerce brand into a VR shop that has all the physical attributes of a bricks and mortar store in a virtual world. Customers can walk around, look at different products and feel more immersed and connected to the process.

This is undoubtedly a disruptive technology that is going to change how we look at the world. The good news is that VR is already here and businesses of all types are beginning to see the huge potential.

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