Virtual Tours For Schools & Universities

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Giving potential pupils, students and parents a grandstand seat on your campus is a brilliant way to show off your facilities and the potential on offer.

But how can you do that if they don’t visit in person?

The simple answer is create a 360 virtual tour they can access online, via their pc or mobile, or even with a VR headset. It’s the easiest and most exciting way to bring your establishment to life online.

Take a look at this example of a 360 virtual tour we created for Scots PGC College a little while ago.

You’ll notice that it’s not just a simple panorama. You can click on hotspots within the virtual tour, get in-depth information and visuals for different locations, find out more about the college and really get a feel for what it’s like to actually be there.

The Benefits of 360 Virtual Tours for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Firstly, not everyone may be able to get to your college or university. A virtual tour gives you the opportunity to bring your location alive and really show what you have to offer.

A family moving to your area may want to get the kid’s schooling sorted out as soon as possible. All they need to do is load the virtual tour up on a screen and they can do explore it all from the comfort of home.

Most educational establishments are in competition with each other, especially colleges and universities. They all want to attract the best students who are going to thrive and make a difference in the world.

Many colleges and universities take on international students. To attract the best you need to set yourself apart as a warm and welcoming organisation that has all the right facilities. Using the 360 video allows you reach across whole oceans to other countries. You can even have language support that is tailored to international students included in your virtual tour.

Not only does a 360 tour help you stand out from the competition, it shows you’re going that one step further to give students everything they need to make an informed decision.

If you have new students about to arrive, for example, a 360 video can set their minds at rest. Starting in a new place is pretty stressful, however confident you are, but this gives everyone the access to familiarise themselves with your surroundings.

Your virtual tour is open every hour of every day which means people can access it whenever they want, wherever they are. With the latest 360 photography and video, you have the opportunity to develop a VR version of your school or university tour that potential students can access through a headset. Tech like this is great for using at events where you are promoting your establishment, particularly abroad.

The good news is that virtual tours are now an affordable and engaging way to market your school, college or university which delivers a pretty good return on investment.

You can use hotspots that visitors click on to see specific locations up close, provide a history or point of interest for your school or college, or allow them to view video or image galleries. This provides users with a fully interactive experience that really shines a new light on what you have to offer.

Create Your 360 Virtual Tour Today

At Panorama Marketing we provide all the tools and support you need to produce a stunning 360 virtual tour with options to suit all budgets. To see what we our professional team can achieve, check out our virtual tour demo here.